Heavyweight Linen Flange Pillow Cover

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Heavyweight 100% Linen Decorative Pillow Cover with Flange Edge

Price Includes:
*Heavywieght 100% Linen Fabric
*Zipper Enclosure across the back lower edge of pillow
*Flange around the perimeter of the pillow - approximately 1” 
*Double Stitched, Finished and Trimmed Seams

***Insert is not included but can be ordered by clicking on the link below. 

The Pillow Cover is made in high quality linen fabric by Kaufmann

Click on the link below to order 10/90 Feather and Down Pillow Cover Insert:

 Pillow Cover Inserts 

  Important Note: Our Pillow Cover sizes are made according to industry standards. For example, if you order an 18" x 18" Pillow Cover, the size you will receive will be approximately 17" x 17". This is to accommodate a full fit using an 18 x 18" insert. For additional information regarding selecting the correct size pillow cover and/or insert please contact us. We are happy to assist!