Custom Bench Cushion in P/Kaufmann Wildflowers Raspberry 54" Fabric

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Custom Bench Cushion in P/Kaufmann Wildflowers Raspberry 54" Fabric

Cushion width exceeds 54” (91.5”) and therefore Fabric will be rotated 90 degrees to avoid seams which should be fine with this all over print. (Shown Rotated in the photo used for the listing) 

91.5”FW x 57.5”BW x 19.5”D x (notches) x 3”H - $ 324
Fabric Upcharge - $ 10 upcharge = $ 334
Shipping - $ 0 (Pick up) 
This price includes the following:
*P/Kaufmann Wildflowers Raspberry 54" Fabric.
*High Density Medium Feel Foam wrapped in batting for a professional fit
*Zipper enclosure across the back of the cushion
*Piping around the top and bottom of cushion 
*Professionally stitched, finished and trimmed seams